American Academy For Yoga in Medicine

Vision and Mission

American Academy for Yoga in Medicine

Bridging Traditional Wisdom with Modern Medicine

In the dynamic realm of healthcare, the American Academy for Yoga in Medicine (AAYM) is pioneering a transformative journey. Our vision is to seamlessly blend the timeless wisdom of yoga with contemporary medical advancements. Our mission extends beyond merely integrating yoga therapy into the healthcare system; we aim to redefine the paradigms of wellness and healing itself. Through our wide-ranging online yoga courses, we offer healthcare professionals and yoga therapists the opportunity to augment their skills with the healing virtues of yoga.

Vision & Mission

Why AAYM Stands Out?
The Confluence of Expertise and Innovation

AAYM sets itself apart through a steadfast dedication to excellence and an innovative stance on yoga therapy. Under the guidance of visionaries like Dr. Indranill Basu-Ray, AAYM has emerged as a guiding light for those eager to marry their medical acumen with the comprehensive benefits of yoga. Whether you are a physician aiming to integrate yoga into your clinical practices, or a yoga therapist seeking to make an impact within healthcare environments, AAYM presents an unparalleled platform for professional development and enlightenment.

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Elevate your professional practice with the American Academy for Yoga in Medicine. Together, we can transform healthcare, merging the ancient art of yoga with the science of medicine to foster healing, wellness, and a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of body and mind.