American Academy For Yoga in Medicine

Mount Shasta Meditation Retreat

June 28th - July 1st, 2024

Look deep into nature, and you will
understand everything better.

Train the Brain Retreat

This retreat is not merely an escape but a deep dive into the practices that monks in India have used for centuries to achieve a powerful brain and an ageless body.


JUNE 28TH – JULY 1ST, 2024

Discover the art of whole-being wellness with our Train the Brain Retreat – an immersive experience that combines ancient wisdom with modern scientific understanding to foster a powerful mind and a disease-free body. 

Embrace a Scientifically Driven Spiritual Approach

Our scientifically driven spiritual program is meticulously designed to improve your wellness through proven methods. It is a transformative journey that promises to train your brain, heal your heart, and rejuvenate your body through the pillars of meditation, esoteric breathing, and yoga.

Meditation: The Cornerstone for Cognitive Resilience

Meditation lies at the core of our retreat. It's more than a stress-reliever; it is your gateway to mental clarity and resilience. Our guided sessions help train the brain to detach from the chaos and enter a state of profound peace, reducing the production of stress hormones and enhancing overall brain function.

Pranayama: The Esoteric Breath of Life

Unlock the ancient secrets of pranayama – the breath control techniques known to alter brain neurochemistry, balance the autonomic nervous system, and activate chakras for a holistic upgrade to your health. This exclusive knowledge, once reserved for an esoteric group of monks, is now accessible to you.


What is the Train the Brain Meditation?

Train the Brain philosophy spotlights the extraordinary capacity of meditation, esoteric breathing, and yoga to create a resilient mind and healthy body. By integrating these practices into your lifestyle, you embark on a transformative journey towards stress reduction, disease prevention, and effective management of your entire life, including career and other goals. Unlock the potential of brain training and step into a life of balance, vitality, and well-being to beat aging.

This method aligns with the concept of brain plasticity, emphasizing that the brain's structure and functions can be positively altered through meditation. Regular practice over as little as four weeks can lead to significant changes in the brain, evidencing a reduction in stress and an enhancement in overall health management.

Embrace the transformative power of meditation for brain training with the Train the Brain Retreat and witness a profound impact on your health and well-being. When we add to this esoteric breathing and yoga, you develop cardiovascular fitness and neurological resilience that beats all the manifestations of stress, including disease and aging.

Weekend Course Itinerary

Friday, June 28th

  • Retreat program starts with group networking and arrival window starting at 4PM for check-in, followed by dinner and welcome ceremony.

Saturday, June 29th

  • Early morning rise for meditation
  • Nourishing breakfast with healthy beverages and cereals
  • Sessions on brain modification, esoteric yoga, and stretching techniques
  • Breathwork to enhance lung power and overall oxygenation
  • Insights into body energetics and focus techniques
  • Yoga practices aimed at disease prevention and mental health
  • Evening meditation including yoga nidra to unwind
  • Dinner in silence to contemplate the day’s learnings
  • Restful night to assimilate the day’s experiences

Sunday, June 30th Culmination of Knowledge and Practice

  • Dawn meditation session to start the day with clarity
  • Breakfast followed by educational discourse on a spiritual and healthful diet
  • Interactive Q&A session to deepen understanding
  • Final networking lunch and disassembly of the retreat



Pneuma Retreat Center 

Includes all workshop and all group meals: Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner, Sunday breakfast, and Cabin


single occupancy.

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      Each room has two twin beds, in a one or two-bedroom apartment shared with other guests.

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  • Workshop Only (No Lodging): $297 

    This package includes the workshop fee, parking, and all group meals, without lodging.

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