About us

We are here to help you rediscover yoga online, scientifically

We all need support through the most important period of our health journey

We pioneer a harmonious blend of ancient yogic wisdom and contemporary scientific validation at the American Academy of Yoga in Medicine. Our mission is steadfast in rooting yoga within the realm of evidence-based medicine. By forging this alliance, we are at the forefront of nurturing well-being through proven methodologies.

Founder & Mentor

Dr Indranill Basu-Ray 

Dr. Indranill Basu Ray, a Harvard-trained cardiologist and electrophysiologist, melds scientific rigor with spiritual depth. An adept of Kriya Yoga, he explores mind-body medicine, investigating consciousness with a holistic approach to health and heart disease. His mentorship transcends conventional wisdom, guiding through science and spirituality.


AAYM is a beacon of inclusivity, offering a nurturing environment where everyone is invited to explore Yoga's healing power, regardless of their unique paths


We shoulder our responsibility with integrity, ensuring that our yoga-science fusion honors ethical standards and advances health care conscientiously.


Respect guides our every interaction; we honor each individual's journey, fostering a community where empathy and understanding flourish.


Our strength lies in collaboration, uniting diverse experts to innovate at the nexus of Yoga and medicine for holistic well-being.

We envision a world where holistic health is the cornerstone of wellbeing. Through the integration of Yoga and modern medicine, we aspire to illuminate paths to wellness, nurturing body, mind, and spirit. Our commitment is to inspire generations to embrace a balanced lifestyle where science meets ancient wisdom, cultivating harmony and health in every community.
Our mission is steadfast: to empower individuals with the knowledge and practice of Yoga as a transformative force in health care. By offering scientifically-backed Yoga courses, we support parents and caregivers in fostering resilience and vitality from the earliest years. We strive to unlock the therapeutic potential of Yoga, making it accessible, understandable, and beneficial for all.