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Pack and Snack: Healthy Travel Expert Tips

When it comes to traveling, one of the key elements to ensure a smooth journey is having a stash of healthy snacks on hand. Nothing is worse than being on a long flight and realizing that dinner won’t be served, and all you have in your bag is a can of Altoids. To help you avoid such tragic scenarios, we’ve gathered insights from Healthline’s team of registered dietitians on their favorite healthy snacks for traveling. From nutrient-packed options to convenient and satisfying bites, here are their top recommendations to keep you fueled on the go.

Nutritious Low-Calorie Snack Ideas

Before diving into the dietitians’ personal favorites, let’s explore some nutritious low-calorie snack ideas that are perfect for any travel scenario. These snacks are delicious and packed with essential nutrients to keep you energized throughout your journey.

  1. Trail Mix: A mix of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits provides a perfect balance of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates.
  2. Fig Bars: These bars are a great source of fiber and natural sweetness, making them a tasty and satisfying snack.
  3. Dried Fruit: Dried fruits like apricots, mangoes, and raisins are convenient and contain vitamins and minerals.
  4. String Cheese: Easy to carry and rich in protein, string cheese is a perfect on-the-go snack.
  5. Granola Bars: For a quick energy boost, opt for granola bars that are low in sugar and high in fiber.
  6. Oatmeal Balls: These are delicious and provide a good source of fiber and protein.
  7. Whole Grain Bread with Peanut Butter: A simple yet satisfying snack that doesn’t require refrigeration.
  8. Fresh Fruit: Bananas, little oranges, and apples are easy to pack and offer essential vitamins and hydration.
  9. Nuts: Almonds, cashews, and walnuts are rich in healthy fats and protein.
  10. Greek Yogurt and Granola: A great combination of protein and carbs to keep you full longer.

Expert Dietitians’ Favorite Travel Snacks

Let’s delve into the specific snack preferences of Healthline’s dietitians to get more personalized recommendations:

Kirsten Seele, MFN, RD, LD, NBC-HWC, Wellos Coach: “I am always prepared with snacks. When I get hungry, I have 15 minutes until my ‘Hangry Kirsten’ characteristics show up, including irritability. So, to keep trips enjoyable for everyone, I pack nuts, granola bars, or oatmeal balls. I might have also had tortilla chips in my purse once or twice!”

Annie Hibbs, CPPM, MS, RD, LD: “String cheese is my go-to work snack. It’s so easy and convenient and keeps me full longer. On trips, I mix cashews and dried cherries.”

Lindsay Mahar, MS, RDN, Wellness Coach: “Whole grain bread with peanut butter is my go-to convenience food! It’s easy, delicious, satisfying, and I don’t need a cooler. I also pack bananas, little oranges, and walnuts for the same reasons.”

Kelli McGrane, MS, RD: “I’m a big sweets and bars fan, so I always have a protein bar in my bag. My current favorite is Perfect Bar Mini (though the company’s new Crispy Peanut Butter & Chocolate Layers are a must for chocolate peanut butter fans). For a more filling option, I like GoMacroBar Oatmeal Chocolate Chip bars. For longer road trips or trips to the zoo with my kids, I’ll usually pack Babybel Cheese, Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers, and apple slices or grapes, all of which I typically stock up on at Costco.”

Mohini Bhakta, MBA, RDN, CDCES: “I like to pack little snack boxes! They have four separate sections, and my usual stuffings are hummus, a crunchy veggie, fruit, and cheese. I pack these for normal life, work, and travel, so you will see me eating these at the airport.”

Leah Maschino, MBA, RDN “Peanuts and dark chocolate chips, and Greek yogurt and granola.”

Additional Recommendations

  • Fresh Fruit: Easy to pack and provides essential vitamins.
  • Hard-boiled eggs: A great source of protein and easy to prepare in advance.
  • RXBARs: Made with simple, whole ingredients and provide a balanced mix of protein, fats, and carbs.
  • Dried Mango: Look for options with no added sugar.
  • Dry-Roasted Chickpeas: A crunchy and satisfying snack rich in fiber and protein.


With these expert-approved healthy snacks, you’ll be well-prepared for any travel adventure. Whether you’re on a long flight a road trip, or simply need a quick bite during your daily commute, these snacks will keep you satisfied and energized. So, pack your bags with these nutritious options and enjoy your travels without worrying about hunger pangs.

Safe travels and happy snacking!


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