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Dr Indranill Basu-Ray

At the heart of AAYM is the visionary Dr. Indranill Basu-Ray, a cardiology maestro and a yoga prodigy since the age of six. With a foundation laid by the legendary Swami Hariharananda and a life devoted to the art of Kriya Yoga, Dr. Basu-Ray bridges the gap between heart health and holistic well-being. As a leader in both the medical and yogic communities, with roles from the Memphis VA Hospital to AIIMS, Rishikesh. Dr. Basu-Ray is pioneering our vibrant division of Integrative Cardiology. It’s not just about heartbeats and EKGs; it’s about integrating the essence of yoga to rejuvenate the heart, body, and mind.
Dr Indranill Basu Ray , AAYM ,

The Reaction

In the wake of the recent budget announcement, a new horizon in healthcare is emerging—one where public health infrastructure receives the attention it deserves. The budget’s increased allocations for primary healthcare centers and telemedicine hint at a future where comprehensive healthcare is not a privilege but a norm for every citizen.

Among the voices applauding this new direction is Dr. Indranill Basu Ray, a notable cardiologist and cardiac electrophysiologist, and founder of the American Academy of Yoga and Meditation (AAYM). AAYM stands at the forefront of integrating yoga with mainstream medicine, advocating for a holistic approach to health that bridges the gap between modern healthcare and traditional wellness practices.

Dr. Ray’s insights resonate with the budget’s emphasis on research and development in the healthcare sector, fostering innovation and resilience. This investment promises to not only mend the urban-rural healthcare divide but also infuse the system with the preventive and digital health innovations necessary for a healthier, more equitable society.


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