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Echoes of the unknown: Phenomenon of UFOs and alien life – 2

It is contended that our brush with extra-terrestrial intelligence is nothing new but adequately suppressed from the public due to unexplained reasons at the highest levels of government in many nations. When Neil Armstrong took that historic step of landing on the moon, it is reported but not confirmed that through a personal channel; he is said to have reported to his base. “Houston, we are not alone.” Armstrong and Aldrin, it’s claimed, were not alone on their mission as they evidenced other structures, including spaceships on the moon’s far side. It is difficult to assess if this was just another conspiracy theory that was spurred since future endeavors to land people on the moon were abandoned or actual happenings. It is believed that the weight of this secret was heavy. Upon returning to Earth, Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin never confirmed the veracity of these claims. But nor did they deny it univocally.

The rabbit hole goes deeper. In the vast expanse of space, objects move in predictable patterns bound by the laws of physics. But every once in a while, something comes along that defies our understanding and challenges our perceptions. Enter Oumuamua, a mysterious visitor from the depths of space.

In 2017, the astronomical community was abuzz with the discovery of a peculiar object hurtling through our solar system at a staggering speed of 196,000 miles per hour. Named “Oumuamua” a Hawaiian term for “Scout” or “Messenger” this enigmatic entity stood out not just because of its interstellar origins, but also due to its unique characteristics. With an elongated, cigar-like shape and a tumbling motion unlike any celestial body previously observed, Oumuamua defied conventional categorization. Was it a comet? An asteroid? Or something entirely different? Its low reflectivity and non-gravitational acceleration further deepened the mystery. While most scientists leaned towards natural explanations, some of its characteristics begged an explanation. It seemed to be accelerated by some force that was not gravitational but inherent to the object. This led many astronomers to speculate: Could Oumuamua be a probe, a messenger sent by a distant extraterrestrial civilization? It has been contended that any civilization that is say hundred thousand years ahead of us could produce material with natural looks and consistency, unlike metals of fibers that our civilization would have used to construct such a vehicle!

While we may not have concrete answers, Oumuamua serves as a reminder of the vastness of the universe and the mysteries it holds. It’s a testament to the fact that even with our advanced technology and understanding of space, there’s still so much we don’t know. This sentiment is further echoed by another perplexing incident that occurred in April 2016. While on its voyage to Pluto, NASA’s New Horizon spacecraft stumbled upon an enigmatic object named “Arawn”. Unlike the typical celestial bodies in its vicinity, Arawn’s composition and behaviour were anything but ordinary.

New Horizons managed to capture the fact that the object is moving at a high speed of 4.713 km/s with a diameter of 145 km. This raises questions – according to calculations, when moving at such a speed, Arawn should have disintegrated long ago if it were an ordinary asteroid or a fragment of some cosmic body, but this does not happen. It was also recorded that Arawn’s glow changes, as if it was “disguised,” suddenly plunged into darkness as if noticing that it was being watched.

What was even more baffling was the New Horizon’s sudden malfunction as it approached Arawn. All communication was lost, and every sensor went dark. Yet, as soon as the New Horizon moved away from Arawn’s proximity, its systems were restored, as if nothing had ever happened. This raises a tantalizing question: Is it possible that superior technological beings within Arawn did not want the earthly vehicle to detect them? Given the mysterious circumstances, it stands to reason that if such beings existed, their advanced technology would undoubtedly have the capability to scramble New Horizon’s systems, ensuring they remain undetected. Granted, the Arwan incident is not officially recorded in NASA’s official records. But that shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering the hush hush policies of the government machineries on this topic, maybe to prevent the rush of sudden panic & fear that can engulf the masses.

The mysteries of our ancient past are vast and intriguing. Our epics, like the Mahabharata and Ramayana, are replete with stories of flying chariots, arrows that never miss their mark, and cataclysmic weapons of mass destruction. One can’t help but wonder: Could these tales be more than mere myths?

Imagine a time much before our recorded history, when advanced civilizations thrived on Earth. These civilizations, perhaps, possessed knowledge and technology that would seem otherworldly to us today. The remnants of their cataclysmic wars, described in our epics, might still be evident in certain places, hinting at nuclear warfare. Such evidence challenges our conventional timeline of human progress.

How could there be signs of nuclear warfare in an era that, according to our understanding, shouldn’t have known about such advanced weaponry?

Another intriguing possibility is that Earth was once a battleground for extraterrestrial civilizations. These advanced beings, from galaxies far away, might have chosen our planet as their arena. Over time, as these tales were passed down verbally through countless generations, the narratives evolved. Advanced aircraft became flying chariots, sophisticated missile systems transformed into bows, and nuclear missiles were remembered as divine arrows like the Brahmastra.

While these theories might sound like the stuff of science fiction, it’s essential to approach them with an open mind. These tales were so advanced for their time that it begs the question: Could the legends have a lot more historicity to them than modern researchers give them credit for? Could they be accounts of our ancestors’ encounters with civilizations light-years ahead of us in knowledge and technology?

Enter the Kardashev scale, a theoretical framework that ranks civilizations based on their energy consumption. To give you some perspective, our current global society hasn’t even reached the first rung, sitting at a mere 0.72. Yet, the scale stretches to a staggering seven stages. While as a concept it lies under theoretical physics, it’s widely respected in the scientific community.

But here’s the crux of our journey today: What if our ancient epics were a gift, not from terrestrial sages, but from experiences our ancestors witnessed by civilizations that rank high on the Kardashev scale? Civilizations are so advanced that their basic principles of existence might be unfathomable to us.

Dear readers, our intent isn’t to sway your beliefs but to ignite the spark of curiosity. To encourage you to question, to wonder, and to venture beyond the confines of conventional thought. After all, in the vast expanse of the cosmos, who’s to say what’s truly impossible? Perhaps the principles that govern advanced extraterrestrial societies are beyond our current comprehension.

As we wrap up this segment, let the suspense simmer. Are you ready to dive deeper into the enigmatic Kardashev scale in our next installment? Or perhaps ponder where cosmic entities, like the revered Shiva, might stand on such a scale? Stay with us, for the universe has many secrets yet to unveil.

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