Online webinar: Yoga on Mental Health 30 Sept, 2023

Three weekend Live forum on Yoga practices, philosophy and attainment of Samadhi.

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November 6th , 20th and December 4th, 2022.

Who is this course for?

Yoga Enthusiasts,
Yoga Practitioners,
Yoga Teachers &
Everybody who wants to live a disease free long life.

Sessions are designed for both new joiners and returning learners. One can join any single or multiple sessions as per their availability

What will you learn from this workshop?

Basic anatomy and physiology of the heart.
Understanding your power to change yourself and the world.
Global burden of cardiovascular disease.
Evidence for yoga’s efficacies.
Decreasing aging.
Concept of soul and evolution of yoga.

Why Seven Keys of yoga?

Learn the science behind yoga: Through our structured lectures, dive deeper into the science that can enhance your yoga practice.
Build a healthier lifestyle: Take your first step in practicing yoga and build a healthier life.
Understand how yoga leads to a healthy heart.
Create a healthy connection between your heart, mind and body.
Nurture your inner self and become more connected with your daily life.
Beat your daily stresses and life-threatening diseases like hypertension and diabetes.
Master the art and science of yoga practice.

Week 1
November 6th

Yoga Keys 1 and 2

Week 2
November 20th

Yoga Keys 3 and 4

Week 3
December 4th

Yoga Keys 5, 6 and 7


1.5 Hours x 3
Total 4.5 Hours

seven yoga keys for healthy heart and mind

If any answer of these is yes, then this course is for you

You want to know more about heart diseases and the causes behind them.
You want to understand how yoga can bring positive changes in your life and help you in living with chronic diseases.
You have tried yoga and have enjoyed the benefits. Now you are curious to learn the science behind it.
You are a newbie to yoga and want to level up your practice.
You want to learn about how Yoga can improve your life.
You want a deeper understanding of the mind-body-soul connection.

Please join noted cardiologist

Dr. Indranill Basu Ray and Yoga instructor Eddie Stern

for three talks on Yoga and cardiovascular health. Dr. Basu Ray is the author of the newly released Principles and Practice of Yoga and Cardiovascular Health, which explores an in-depth look at cardiovascular function and all of the research to date that has been done on Yoga and heart health. The talks will be presentations from Dr. Basu Ray, along with Q&A and a discussion with Eddie Stern. 

Meet our Instructor


Dr. Indranill Basu-Ray is trained in medicine and cardiology from India and the US. He
has been practicing yoga and meditation for over thirty years now.
Dr. Basu-Ray was born in a middle-class Bengali family in Kolkata, India. From a young
age he was keenly interested in knowing the secrets of this universe and the entity
called ‘God’. This led him to read most of Indian religious and spiritual literature
particularly writings of Swami Vivekananda and Maharishi Aurobindo. He has been
practicing meditation from the age of six years.
He became a disciple of the powerful and esoteric Yogic system Kriya yoga started by
Mahaavatar Babaji, and was initiated by Swami Hariharananda Giri, the direct disciple
of Sri Yukteshwar Giri and a brother disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda. Subsequently
he acquired higher kriyas from other gurus. Dr. Basu-Ray also learnt and practiced
other meditation techniques including Vipassana.
Dr. Basu-Ray has an enduring interest in Mind-Body Medicine, including research
involving brain imaging, hormonal changes, immunological parameters in various states
of consciousness and heart disease. Coronary artery disease is the most common killer
in the Western Hemisphere. Factors studied include the role of emotions and
environmental changes, including adverse environment, in precipitating and sustaining
heart diseases. These include the role of meditation, stress reduction and biofeedback
on the mind-heart axis to prevent and treat cardiovascular pathology initiated in a
stressed organism.
In this course Dr. Basu-Ray will use his meditative experience to underline the basic
tenets of yoga as a powerful tool both for awakening and getting into deeper
concentration to enjoy higher levels of consciousness. Fortunately one of the mundane
effects of yoga practice includes staying young and disease free!

Eddie Stern is a yoga instructor, author, and researcher from NYC. He has written and edited several books on yoga; yoga protocols for published scientific research studies; and public education and health and wellness curriculums that have been used in over 150 schools across the United States for both students and educators. He serves on the boards of several non-profits: LIFE Camp, Urban Yogis, and Black Yoga Teachers Alliance. He is the founder of the Broome Street Ganesha Temple in NYC, and co-creator of The Breathing App and YOGA365 app. Eddie is also the co-editor and publisher of Namarupa, Categories of Indian Thought and the learning platform of Yoga Education Collective.


This course is for yoga enthusiasts, yoga teachers and people suffering from

heart conditions. Through this course, you will gain a deeper understanding of

how yoga can benefit individuals and have positive effects in their heart health.

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No. We want to help you understand how yoga can help and it is with this belief

that we hope you take steps in incorporating yoga in your own lives. We are all

beneficiaries of this practice and want you to try it for yourselves.

No! Although we are a US based organization, you can join us from anywhere in

the world. We will be following our local time, which is CST. Our classes will be at 10.30 AM CST.

Yes! All of our talks will be having dedicated Q&A sessions. You can ask our

experts anything that you want to know about yoga. Our experts are lifelong yoga teachers and practitioners. They will be happy to answer anything that you

may have on your mind.

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Each session will be for 90 min, a total of Four and a half hours together for all three sessions combined

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