Unlock the Secret to Diabetes Control without Medicine!

Dallas Weekend Workshop on Therapeutic Yoga to control Hypertension & Diabetics

Yoga for disease eradication  and  discovering healthier You

American Academy of Yoga and Meditation and VYASA USA presents

Eight Hour introductory Yoga Therapy

for Diabetes and hypertension – An introduction to Disease-Free You.


CST TIME: 8 AM TO 5 PM Venue: Radha Krishna Temple, 1450 Watters Road, Allen, TX 75013
Only $99 till April 30th May 15th (Extended)
 then $ 149 only. On-site Booking $199

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Our Goal

To serve the community by: 1) providing affordable classes and workshops to support a healthy lifestyle; 2) providing training courses based on evidence-based yoga techniques to enable self- and societal transformation; and 3) Using community engagement to promote yoga and its advantages.This isn’t meant to exclude anyone who can’t afford to join, and we earnestly request you to think about financial accessibility when planning fundraisers and other classes.

Your donations benefit a variety of good causes, including local charities, worldwide crises, and an active yoga scholarship programme that provides yoga to people, organisations, and communities who would otherwise be unable to participate in this life-changing practise.We work with local non-profits, share communal spaces, link with wellness facilities, set up studios outside, and pop up at public and private events to conduct donation-based lessons.

Saviour –
We appreciate your interest in and support of $49, and we provide a 30% discount on our seminars and yoga courses to our members.

Guardian Angel –
Support a deserving Yoga Teacher aspirant with a gold donation of $999. Some single mothers and those in need of a job and a wage have approached us about teaching yoga. Your funds will be used to provide FREE Yoga Teacher Training to one of these students
Bestower -Support a needy Summer Intern for a part-time 3 months of administration and supervision of seminars as a Silver Donor $499. We recruit low-income college students or persons in need of money.

Almsgiver –
Support One Cancer Workshop for a month for $99

Friend in need –
Donate $49 to provide one month of Yoga Therapy to a low-income participant with chronic illnesses

Donate $49 a month – Sponsor One Low-Income Participant every Month (set up automatic payment from your account) – If you want to donate on a monthly basis, please contact us. – [email protected]