Online webinar: Yoga on Mental Health 30 Sept, 2023

Diabetes Mellitus : The Management of Yoga Therapy

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About Course

This is  comprehensive course about a common metabolic disorder – diabetes mellitus. You will learn detailed pathophysiology of diabetes, its symptoms and complications. The course also provides a basic understanding of yoga philosophy, role of yoga in managing the symptoms of the disorder, helping people with diabetes have a better quality of life.

This e Course Yoga Therapy for Management of Diabetes Mellitus by Dr. Prachi Garodia is studiously paced and well designed with the audience in mind. Dr. Garodia initially provides an overview which is non audio, and an abbreviated table of contents.
This particular e course is a whopping 3 plus hours of audio and visual mapping that is augmented by course materials, reference links with support videos with a quiz after each part.
The highlights that make this e course unique (for me) in Part 1 are:

  • The 102 support slide materials allow you to review the audio delivery.
  • Touches on Ayurvedic cross overs.
  • Has four distinct parts that are fully unpacked concerning all aspects and types of Diabetes with visual mapping.
  • Identifies Alzheimers as Type 3 Diabetes.
  • Clinical overview of Type 1 and 2 Diabetes.
  • Comprehensive list of disorders that may increase risk of Diabetes.
  • Extensive background on Metabolic Syndrome.
  • Science of yoga to facilitate modifiable factors of Type 1 and 2 Diabetes.
  • The highlights that make this e course unique (for me) in Part 2 are:
  • The objective of this eCourse is unpacked and developed in Part 2 with an overview of YOGA and its different limbs, meanings and traditions.
  • Evidenced based yoga therapy for diabetes.
  • Email of Quiz with Lesson Plan.
  • Research link with slides.
  • The statistics of improvement in diabetes with the use of yoga practices.
  • Biases in research studies.
  • A projected 3rd Series for this lecture.
  • Safety for Elders with Diabetes.
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What Will You Learn?

  • Learners will be able to understand both the medical and yogic perspectives of diabetes mellitus.
  • The course will take them through a holistic approach to managing the disorder through yoga - physical, mental, and spiritual,
  • Evidence-based yoga therapy

Course Content

Yoga and Diabetes: Definition, Pathophysiology, epidemiology, and complications.
Yoga and Diabetes: Definition, Pathophysiology, epidemiology, and complications.

  • Video

Basic yogic understanding and evidence-based therapy to control Diabetes Mellitus and its complications.

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