Online webinar: Yoga on Mental Health 30 Sept, 2023


Facing a mental Discomfort?

Facing a mental health crisis that touches 1 in 5 adults and costs a staggering $1 trillion in lost productivity, the world is in dire need of accessible solutions. But with only 2% of global health spending on mental health, where do we turn?


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Join us Live on 30th September 2023 (Saturday)

8PM CST 30th september / 6:30AM IST 1st october

Yoga and Mental Health

Who is this event for?

This program is for you, if:

  • You feel the weight of anxiety in your daily life, and you’re seeking natural anxiety relief. Explore how yoga’s mindful practices can be a calming anchor, guiding you to inner tranquility and anxiety management.
  • You’re caught in the relentless cycle of stress, and you crave stress reduction techniques. Discover how yoga’s gentle movements and focused breathing can be your personal retreat for stress relief, melting away tension and restoring balance.
  • You struggle with the shadows of depression, and you yearn for depression recovery. Uncover how yoga’s nurturing poses and meditative flow can reconnect you with joy, hope, and self-love, offering a holistic approach to depression therapy.
  • You’re battling the scars of PTSD, and you’re ready for PTSD healing. Learn how yoga’s compassionate approach can be a therapeutic ally in PTSD treatment, helping you rebuild trust, resilience, and inner strength.
  • You’re intrigued by the transformative power of meditation, and you want to delve into mindfulness meditation. Experience how yoga’s meditative practices can be a gateway to mindfulness, self-awareness, and spiritual awakening, enhancing your meditation techniques.

What will you learn from this workshop?

  • Master the Art of Mindful Living: Explore esoteric Yoga techniques to nurture mental clarity, emotional balance, and inner peace.
  • Unlock the Secrets of Anxiety Relief: Dive into yoga’s calming practices that guide you to tranquility and control over anxiety.
  • Discover Stress Reduction Strategies: Learn how yoga’s gentle movements and focused breathing can be your personal retreat for stress relief.
  • Embark on a Journey of Depression Recovery: Uncover yoga’s nurturing poses and meditative flow to reconnect with joy, hope, and self-love.
  • Heal from PTSD with Compassionate Approaches: Understand how yoga can be a therapeutic ally in PTSD treatment, rebuilding trust and resilience.
  • Delve into the Transformative Power of Meditation: Experience yoga’s meditative practices as a gateway to mindfulness, self-awareness, and spiritual awakening.

Integrate Yoga into Your Life’s Rhythm: Find practical ways to weave yoga and meditation into your busy schedule, balancing work, family, and personal challenges.

Program Schedule:

2 Hours Program, including:

Session 1: Anxiety



  • Understanding Anxiety & Yoga’s Benefits
  • Asanas Practice: Calming poses & breathwork

Session 2: Stress


  • Exploring Stress & Yoga’s Relief Techniques
  • Asanas Practice: Relaxing poses & rejuvenation

Session 3: Depression


  • Depression Insights & Yoga’s Healing Power
  • Asanas Practice: Uplifting poses & emotional balance

Session 4: PTSD


  • Introduction to PTSD & Yoga’s Therapeutic Role
  • Asanas Practice: Gentle poses & resilience building

Session 5: Pranayama


  • The Science of Pranayama: Breath Control & Well-being
  • Pranayama Practice: Techniques for calming, energizing, and balancing

Session 6: Meditative Techniques

Meditative Techniques

  • Exploring Meditation & Mindfulness in Yoga
  • Meditation Practice: Guided techniques for focus, relaxation, and inner peace


A powerful, low-cost alternative to expensive medications, without the side effects or financial strain.

Join AAYM's transformative webinar and unlock the secrets of yoga's healing techniques for anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, and more. Discover a path to mental well-being that's not just affordable but life-changing. Your journey to a balanced, joyful life is just a click away.

Invest in Your Health:

Your investment in this event includes:

  • Expert instruction from experienced yoga teachers & physicians

  • Access to resources and tools to help you incorporate yoga into your daily life

  • Opportunities to network with people who are passionate about their health and wellness

  • Q&A Sessions to clarify all your doubts


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